Thursday, January 12, 2012

Business Contact Management and Publishing Software

In growing, expanding and streamlining my real estate business, I have adopted SendOutCards to my daily business practice. Here are a just a few of the ways the system is helping me...

I've added all my clients to a distribution group and attached that group to an auto-campaign that mails personal cards typed in my own unique handwriting font with my unique signature. They receive a calendar for new years, and a spring forward and fall back time change reminder.

I've created a group for all new clients that close on a house and attached a 1-year campaign. As soon as they close, I attach them to a campaign that sends out a Thank You card with a gift basket and a gift card. 3-months later, they receive a follow-up card just to make sure everything is okay with their home and if I can do anything for them. 6-months after that, they receive a card reminding them to renew their home warranty and make sure they've been pleased with all their service providers. On the anniversary of their closing date, they get another thank you card from my family and me.

In prospecting, I simply download the mailing address of the neighborhood or type of home I am farming for (from the tax records) and upload that list directly into the SendOutCards database. That list or group then gets attached to a prospecting campaign in which I send a stats card showing recent comparable sales, followed by a card with testimonials from my clients, and followed up by a special offer card as the last piece.

In just saying thanks and keeping in touch, I've added all my family and friends to my database. I have a birthday campaign that reminds me to send out birthday cards. For the holiday's I was able to send out holiday photo cards of my family to my entire contact list by making the card online, writing our message, inserting the mail merge feature (Hi first name,) and clicking send. My cards were printed, stuffed, stamped and mailed for me first class the next day.

All this for $9.80 per month. I really don't know what else to say. This took the place of my marketing department. The savings in both time and money is incredible and the return has been substantial.

How could this system help your business?

Sign up at and use ID# 133185

Great for the Holidays too...